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A1 Party Supply

A1 party Supply is your complete online shop for party supplies, novelty gifts and gags. Whether you are planning a bachelorette/pre-wedding party, stag party, or a friend's birthday party, and you are looking for the unconventional gift or hilarious decorations, A1 can take care of your shopping needs. We have party gifts and supplies, novelty items, room and table decorations, games, as well as many other unique items.

Some of the novelty items and party decorations offered appeal to certain sense of humor, and may contain crude language, or be of a sexual nature (e.g. "personal massagers" and "educational anatomical models."). All we ask is that if you are offended by such items, or words like "boobie", "pecker" and "fart", you are under 18, or you believe that such material offends the standards of the community in which you live and; you are aware of the law(s) within the state and country that you reside and reading or viewing such material violates any such law, you refrain from entering the site.

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